High Temperature Heating Furnace Sealing belt-Ceramic Fiber Belt


Product introduction of high temperature heating furnace sealing tape

The furnace doors, kiln mouths, expansion joints, etc. of high-temperature heating furnaces require high-temperature-resistant sealing materials to avoid unnecessary loss of heat energy. High-temperature resistant materials such as ceramic fiber tapes and glass fibers, ceramic fiber cloth, and ceramic fiber packing ropes are commonly used sealing materials for high-temperature heating furnaces.

Different sealing materials used in various parts of high-temperature heating furnaces

Packing (square rope) is commonly used for furnace door gap sealing, or ceramic fiber or glass fiber cloth or tape can be sewn into the shape of a sealing gasket of required specifications. For furnace doors, kiln mouths, expansion joints, and oven lids with higher temperature or strength requirements, steel wire-reinforced ceramic fiber tapes are often used as sealing materials.

High temperature heating furnace sealing tape-performance characteristics of ceramic fiber and glass fiber

1. Ceramic fiber cloth, belt, packing (rope):
Good thermal insulation performance, high temperature resistance up to 1200℃;
Low thermal conductivity, low heat capacity;
Good tensile properties;
Good electrical insulation;
Good corrosion resistance against acid, oil and water vapor;
It is easy to use and has no adverse effects on the environment.
2. Glass fiber cloth, belt, packing (rope):
The operating temperature is 600℃. ;
Lightweight, heat-resistant, small heat capacity, low thermal conductivity;
Has good electrical insulation properties.
Fiberglass use can make the body feel itchy.

Product Applications of High Temperature Heating Furnace Sealing Tapes

Coke oven opening seals, cracking furnace brick wall expansion joints, furnace door seals for electric furnaces and ovens, industrial boilers, kilns, high-temperature gas seals, flexible expansion joint connections, high-temperature furnace door curtains, etc.

Post time: Oct-18-2023
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