Recommended High-temperature Energy-saving Insulation Materials—High-temperature Furnace Insulation Cotton

1. Product introduction

Commonly used ceramic fiber series materials for high-temperature furnace insulation cotton include ceramic fiber blankets, ceramic fiber modules and integrated ceramic fiber furnaces. The main function of the ceramic fiber blanket is to provide heat insulation and energy saving, and can be used for fire prevention and heat preservation. Mainly used for filling, sealing and heat insulation in high-temperature environments (kiln cars, pipes, kiln doors, etc.) and the production of various industrial furnace lining (hot surface and backing) modules/veneer blocks for building fire protection, and used as sound-absorbing/high-temperature filtering materials It is a lightweight refractory material.

2. Three approaches
(1) A simple method is to wrap it with a ceramic fiber blanket. It has low construction requirements and low cost. It can be used in any furnace type. It has good thermal insulation effect. Ceramic fiber boards are available for hard quality requirements.

(2) For larger industrial furnaces, you can choose ceramic fiber blankets + ceramic fiber modules for refractory thermal insulation. Use the side-by-side installation method to firmly fix the ceramic fiber modules on the furnace wall, which is more reliable and practical. .

(3) For micro furnaces, you can choose ceramic fiber furnaces, which are custom-made and molded in one go. The use time is relatively long.

3. Product features
Light texture, low heat storage, good earthquake resistance, resistance to rapid cooling and rapid heating, stable chemical properties, high temperature resistance, low heat transfer rate, good thermal insulation performance, energy saving, reduced rigid structure load, extended furnace life, fast construction, Shorten the construction period, have good sound absorption, reduce noise pollution, do not need an oven, are easy to use, have good heat sensitivity and are suitable for automatic control.

4. Product application
(1) Industrial kiln heating device, high temperature pipe wall lining insulation;

(2) Wall lining insulation of chemical high-temperature reaction equipment and heating equipment;

(3) Thermal insulation of high-rise buildings, fire protection and insulation of isolation zones;

(4) High-temperature furnace thermal insulation cotton;

(5) The top cover of the kiln door is insulated, and the glass tank kiln is insulated;

(6) Fireproof rolling shutter doors are thermally insulated and fireproof;

(7) Insulation and anti-corrosion of power equipment pipelines;

(8) Casting, forging and smelting thermal insulation cotton;


Post time: Feb-06-2024
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