What Kind of Refractory Tiles Are Used For The Lining Of The Carbon Black Reaction Furnace?

The carbon black reaction furnace is divided into five major lining in the combustion chamber, throat, reaction section, rapid cold section, and staying section.

Most of the fuels of the carbon black reaction furnace are mostly heavy oil, and the raw materials are used as a hydrocarbon compound. During the production process, the atmosphere of the fuel burning in the reaction furnace is complicated, the raw materials are thermal decomposition, the cooling charcoal spray, and the fuel and raw material heat The fire -resistant tiles used by the decomposition will produce a variety of physical reflections in China Fire Brick manufacturers. The use temperature of the inner lining of the reaction furnace can reach 1600 ~ 1700 ° C, and the heating speed in the furnace is still very fast. The temperature at the end of the throat at the end of the throat is above 1700℃, and there are airflow flushing. Some high temperature areas are even as high as 1900℃. Sometimes the stoves and different products are replaced due to operational reasons, and the water vapor in the airflow will also enter the furnace lining and blow the oil pipeline.

The refractory tiles commonly used in the carbon black reaction furnace lined with aluminum and silicon bricks, rigid jade bricks, chromium -duty jade bricks and pheasant refractory tiles. Aluminum and silicon bricks are high aluminum, mullite stone, rigid jade brick, etc.; Chromium -like jade fire -resistant bricks contain different chromium ingredients, composite refractory tiles with high temperature sintering, and pheasant refractory tiles include aerobic chromium rigidity jade.

Refractory Tiles

There are also carbon -black reaction furnaces using silicon carbide compound bricks for masonry. The low -temperature zone will be used for masonry with high aluminum bricks or clay bricks. The temperature is in the area of 1550 to 1750℃. In the region of the cooling belt no more than 1300℃ , a high alumina brick with aluminum content between 65-70% is used for masonry in China Fire Brick manufacturers. In areas with a temperature in 1750 ~ 1925℃, chromium -ganging jade resistant tiles with heat -resistant seismic performance are selected for masonry.

The ultra -high temperature is in the 2000 ~ 2100℃ area, and pure ZRO2 fire -resistant bricks should be used for masonry, because the refractory bricks containing ore have high melting point, large density, small thermal conductivity, and good chemical stability, but ZRO2 fire -resistant brick brick brick tiles High price.

In short, China Fire Brick manufacturers recommend different refractory bricks of different materials are used in different temperature areas, so that even if the production cost is reduced, it can meet the needs of the lining.

Post time: May-19-2023
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